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Need Professional Training? // Hire Expert Trainers

Grow Your People Grow Your Business

Create a Culture of Learning and Development

Inspiring - Equipping - Transforming

Do these words sound familiar?   We might consider these words as we reflect back on those who served as coaches and mentors to help reignite the passion required to help us improve performance and reach challenging goals.  These experts served as catalysts to open new doors of opportunity.  A catalyst is someone who helps bring about change. 

We your partner for organizational change. Are you searching for a way to deliberately move your people forward and "raise the bar" on their performance?  Are you searching for creative ways to train your sales force or customer service team?  Are you ready to infuse confidence, convert more leads and grow your people?  If so, Motivational Speaking and Training Solutions is your solution to maximize performance.  When you grow your people you grow your business.

Customized Training Solutions

Deliberately Move Your Team Forward

Systematic Teaching - Intentional Application - Measurable Results

Motivational Speaking and Training Solutions provides customized training solutions to bring about organizational transformation. We deliberately connect with your team in ways that ignite the passion required to step forward and become a catalyst for positive change.

• Casting Vision & Establishing Core Values       
• Customer Service Training 
• Fearless Public Speaking and Creating Powerful Presentations                           
• Changing Organizational Culture and Developing Teamwork
• Time Management Training                         
• Leadership Catalyst                                   
• Sales Strategy Development
• Corporate Downsizing with Dignity                                                            
• Principles of Managing Internal Conflict           

We have presented training programs for numerous corporations and organizations. With decades of expert training experience, our team has developed the knowledge and expertise to help take your team to the next level.  With a relentless focus on innovative tools and practical application, we will challenge your team to immediately transfer their training into daily activities increase their performance.  Imagine the possibilities!

Professional Sales Certification Programs

Sales Catalyst Professional Certification Solutions

Connect - Stand Out - Close

ales Catalyst Training Philosophy

What if there was a way to radically transform your sales performance by increasing the value of your solution within the mind of the customer? Imagine how many customers would partner with your company if they believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that your business solution, fully integrated within their business, was exactly what they needed to take them to the next level? Would you be interested in discovering how to do this?

Now more than ever, we need to sharpen your skills and “think outside the box” to win new business. We can’t sell the way you did a few months ago and expect to reach your sales objectives. We need a new plan and we need to work hard to execute it the right way. Here’s a proven formula to help guide our thoughts throughout our journey of sales performance transformation: Proven Sales Principles + Immediate Application = Increased Sales Performance.

Sales Catalyst Certification Training

Sales Catalyst Certification Training is designed to create a culture focused on growth by equipping every member of your organization to effectively sell your products and services. The goal of Sales Catalyst Training is to help every member of your team uniquely position and sell your products and services while building strategic alliances with every customer. The best way to do this is by developing an integrated approach to sales transformation. 

We utilize innovative teaching methods to create dynamic environments for effective sales training. We provide you with tangible tools for immediate application to help you close more sales in today’s economy.  At Sales Catalyst Certification Training you will learn how to:

     1. Connect: Find New Customers!
     2. Stand Out: Position Yourself to Win and Leverage Explicit Needs!
     3. Close: Capture the Heart of Your Customer and Seal the Deal!

Sales Catalyst Corporate Certification Programs *

     • Sales Catalyst Corporate Certification
     • Sales Catalyst Executive Certification
     • Sales Catalyst Customer Service Certification
     • Sales Catalyst Employee Certification
     • Sales Catalyst Independent Contractor Certification
     • Sales Catalyst Skills Training

Sales Catalyst Entrepreneur Certification Programs *

     • Sales Catalyst Entrepreneur Certification
     • Sales Catalyst Independent Contractor Certification
     • Sales Catalyst Skills Training
     • Sales Catalyst Workshop

2-Day Certification Schedule

Day 1

Day 2

8:00 am

Connect: Session 1

Finding New Customers Today

  • Expanding Your Sources for Leads
  • Effective Connecting Environments
  • Maximizing Local Organizations
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Turning Referrals Into Customers
  • Connection Themes

Close: Session 5

Capturing the Heart of Your Customer

   • Strategic Advances
   • Creating a Platform to Advance
   • Developing a Team Approach
   • Demonstrating Superior Value
   • Connected Advantageously
   • Synchronizing Vision and Strategy
   • Clarifying Your Solution

9:45 am





10:00 am

Connect: Session 2

Building a Foundation for Synchronized Growth

   • Capturing the BIG Picture
   • Aligning with Vision and Strategy
   • Customer Focused Selling
   • Leveraging Knowledge
   • Initiative, Planning and Diligence

Close: Session 6

Overcoming Closing Obstacles

   • Selling at a Higher Price
   • Removing Customer Barriers
   • Managing Customer Demands
   • Converting Obstacles into Opportunities
   • The Power of Investigation
   • Penetrating Questions
   • The Science of a Good Start
   • Sending the Right Message 

12:00 pm





1:00 pm

Stand Out: Session 3

Positioning Yourself to Win

   • Positioning the Future Now
   • Strategically Placing Your Solutions
   • Creating High Value
   • Avoiding Positional Irrelevance
   • The 5 C’s of Positioning
   • Creating the Right Distinction

Close: Session 7


Negotiating a Win-Win Agreement to Effectively Gain Commitment

   • Connecting the Dots
   • Demonstrating an Integrated Solution
   • Customer Focused Closing
   • Top 10 Closing Mistakes
   • Premature Closing
   • A Planned Close
   • Good Connectivity and Closing

2:45 pm




3:00 pm

Stand Out: Session 4

Leveraging Obstacles and Needs

   • Exploring & Quantifying Challenges
   • Progressive Cultivation
   • The 5 C’s of Cultivation
   • Adding Weight to Your Value
   • Laying the Foundation for Solutions
   • A Three-fold Knowledge Base
   • Finding Opportunities
   • Integrated Partnerships
   • Leveraging Negative Implications
   • Exceptional Relevance

Close: Session 8

7 Keys to Effective Closing

   • Making a Bold Connection
   • Painting a BIG Picture
   • Outlining a Clear Path
   • Unifying and Displaying
   • Sharpening the Focus
   • Proposing a Strong Close
   • Implementing Immediately

5:00 pm





* Sales Catalyst Certification Training Investment
       • Train the Trainer Certification = $4,999.99 / Day / Trainer + Travel Costs
       • 2-Day Group Certification Training = $1,999.99 / Participant (10-Person Minimum)

       • 8-Week Group Certification Training = $2,499.99 / Participant (10-Person Minimum)
       • Travel Costs are Calculated Separately for Each Training Day
       • All Training Programs Require a 60% Non-Refundable Deposit

Schedule a Sales Catalyst Certification Training Today!  786-554-0312